Craig Pirrall - Full Stack Developer

Overlook Resort Hotel

Welcome to the Overlook Hotel. We hope you'll enjoy your stay. Through the hotel website, customers can access information about the rooms and facilities, local attractions, directions, and special discounts. After creating an account and logging in, they are able to manage their profile, place or cancel reservations, and view their reservation history. Hotel administration can manage rooms, reservations, and customer accounts through a convenient administration terminal. They can search for customers or reservations, edit and create accounts and reservations, change access priveledges, and add notes to user accounts so that Mr. and Mrs. Beeblebrox will always have extra towels.


  • Mobile-first design
  • Create users: Admin or Customer
  • Login / Logout
  • User profiles
  • Delete users
  • Assign roles (Admin / Member)
  • Admin control panel with search and lookup
  • Search for available rooms
  • Select and add rooms to a reservation
  • Persist reservation and related room/user data to databases
  • Assign reservations to users
  • Change status of rooms (available / unavailable) for specified dates
  • Cancel reservation returning rooms to available status

  • Tech

    C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Enitity Framework, Javascript, Bootstrap, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3