Craig Pirrall - Full Stack Developer

Employment Submission Tracker

This desktop application assists the user in tracking submissions and applications made to potential employers. Information is entered through a "New Submission" tabable area at the top of the form and then is automatically added to the grid when the "Add" button is pressed. This allows the user to quickly add many entries in succession. When a response is received, the form is editable and notes can be added for additional information. This project could easily be modified for various other tasks.


  • Add new submissions via tabable fields at top of form
  • Date is automatically set to today's date but is editable in the grid
  • View and edit entries via the datagridview below the Add New Submission area
  • Datagridview is automatically refreshed when new entries are added
  • Hyperlink functionality for columns that contain web addresses
  • Autocomplete/Suggest on appropriate fields

  • Tech

    C#, Windows Forms, .NET, SQL, Entity Framework