Craig Pirrall - Full Stack Developer

Portfolio Site

This website was designed to be elegantly simple and easy to use. Almost all information is presented on a single page eliminating the need for page loading, with the exception of the show route which provides more details about each project on its own page. Once logged in, a user or users can create new projects and edit existing projects through a simple form. Depending on if information is provided on the form, the website will automatically create secondary images, buttons linked to Github or a live view of the site, and add blocks of text and bulleted lists on the homepage and show pages. All projects on the homepage can easily be reordered.


  • Mobile first design
  • RESTful routes
  • User defined ordering of projects on homepage
  • Simplifies sample/project creation by dynamically adding buttons, links and images based on New Project form data
  • Login / logout
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Flash messaging
  • Full CRUD operations

  • Tech

    Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3