Craig Pirrall - Full Stack Developer

Interactive Fiction Designer

Who wouldn't love to sit back with a coffee and a portable device and be immersed in a good book where the story is determined by the reader? Designed for the interactive fiction community, this app will offer users a convenient way to create attractive, web-based interactive fiction. Writers can focus on writing while adding images and pages to their work on the fly for anyone to view. New pages and choices are added through a simple form system. Pages can easily be edited after creation. Two-way data binding allows images to be previewed prior to posting new pages, or during editing of previously posted pages.


  • Fun!
  • Mobile first design
  • RESTful routes
  • Login / logout
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Full CRUD operations
  • 2-way data-binding

  • Tech

    Angular 4, Typescript, Node.js, Firebase, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3